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There is no curve prettier than a smile on the face. And that smile depends on the health of your teeth. Also, toothaches are one of the most unbearable aches that we all want to avoid. So in order to have a pretty smile and stay away from horrible toothaches, we must always take care of our oral health.


Here are a few dental services and treatments we often run into a need for:


1. Dental Implant:

A Dental implant is a process where the missing root of a tooth is replaced by a titanium screw. A Dental implant is a complex process and is required to be done by a highly experienced professional. The process uses the most traditional way of replacing the tooth that is missing because the replaced tooth is not supposed to be in contact with the teeth adjacent to it. The artificial tooth works just as efficiently as a natural tooth would do. It is considered to last a lifetime if it is maintained by the patient.
Cost: You can get a lifetime dental implant usually done somewhere between 18,000 to 20,000 INR.

2. Teeth Whitening, polishing, and scaling:

Teeth-staining is a very common problem. It is a result of the types of foods and drinks people have. Black coffee, tea, usual spices like turmeric, etc. are causes that lead to discoloration of teeth. The teeth whitening ointments like toothpaste, are believed to do more harm than good and are also proven to enhance the sensitivity of teeth. Teeth-whitening is a process of coloration of the upper of your teeth. Teeth-polishing is a process of making your teeth shinier and restores the enamel on your teeth. Teeth scaling is yet another process which is more thorough and does the proper inside-out cleaning of your teeth.
Cost: Usually teeth whitening and polishing cost around 400 to 1500 INR per tooth while Teeth scaling can cost you around 1000 -1500 INR.

3. Smile Makeover:

Smile makeover service is offered by a lot of dental hospitals and clinics. In this process, dentists use Emax ceramic veneers and crowns for the process. The teeth are covered with ceramic veneers and crowns following a traditional method of limiting the quantity of the grinding to 0.5 to 1 mm on the tooth. The procedure is completely safe and the strength of the teeth is maintained during the process.
Cost: There are many cosmetic dentistries & endodontic surgeries usually ranging between 12,000 to 20,000 INR per tooth.

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