Dental lasers and flap surgery

dental laser

Have you considered flap laser surgery yet?

Dental lasers and flap surgeries have gained momentum in the recent years. Dental Lasers are minimally invasive and are suitable for most oral issues. Many laser procedures are performed to improve the overall functioning of the gums and teeth while others are done to enhance an individual’s smile and appearance.  Lasers are also used for biopsy and surgery.

As long as the laser treatment is performed by a professional dentist, it is safe. It is therefore recommended that you consult an experienced and highly trained Dentist in Delhi NCR, Noida, Vaishali to get the laser treatment done.

Why  Dental Lasers are used ?

Dental lasers are used to treet:

  • Root canal infections
  • Gum disease
  • Cold sore pain and canker sore
  • Gum inflammation
  • Biopsies
  • Gum reshaping
  • Throat tissue that may cause sleep apnea
  • Exposing wisdom teeth
  • Damaged nerves
  • Benign oral tumors
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Removal of tooth decay and ready it for filling

What are the Benefits of Dental Lasers?

  • Less painful
  • Highly precise and causes less trauma
  • Reduced swelling and bleeding
  • Lesser chances of any infection
  • Faster recovery

Although dental lasers offer several benefits, there may be cases when a dentist may recommend traditional dental surgery. Talk to your dentist about your dental problem and understand your condition, treatment options, etc.

On the other hand, flap surgeries are gum procedures in which the gums are temporarily separated from the Before you undergo this surgery, your periodontist will make sure that your oral hygiene is good by removing all plaque and tartar formed around your teeth. Also, to ensure that the flap surgery is safe for you, the dentist will also evaluate your health and medications that you may be taking.

To accomplish flap surgery, your dentist will use local anesthesia to make the affected area numb and then create a flap in the gums. This opening allows the dentist to remove tartar and fill it up with antibiotic medications.

How does flap surgery help?

  • It helps in reducing or eliminating pockets(diseased tissues)
  • Helps in Regenerate periodontal tissues and improve their reattachment to the teeth
  • Improves periodontal form, aesthetics, and function
  • Improves oral hygiene to a great extent by providing a conducive environment

How does flap surgery work?

  • It helps in removal of diseased tissues lining the pockets
  • Flap surgery gives better access to the root surfaces that enables better cleaning and treating of the roots.
  • It regenerates lost periodontal ligament and bone.
  • It closes the healthy tissues without leaving any open wounds thereby allowing better healing.

Dental lasers and flap surgeries have their benefits and drawbacks.

When performed correctly and by a professional dentist these procedures can do wonders for your oral hygiene. Please note that you need to consult a dentist and understand your condition before undergoing any of the treatment. The cost of both the procedures will vary from one clinic to another.

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