Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics refers to a branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention & correction of teeth and jaws that are improperly positioned or are not well- fitted. Ill fit teeth are hard to clean and hence pose the risk of early teeth loss, decay and other periodontal issues. This sort of teeth also cause more stress on the muscles that are used for chewing and hence many times lead to headaches, back ache and neck & shoulder pain. Along with this they also deface the person’s smile.


Crooked, improperly positioned, crowded teeth create a problem for the oral care and heath of a person and hence orthodontics treatment proves to be quite beneficial and also help the person to look and feel great. The treatment helps in straightening the teeth. There are numerous advantages of orthodontic treatment; some of them are as under:


  1. i) Straight teeth improve the appearance by providing a nicer smile and hence boosting the confidence of the person.
  2. ii) Straight teeth aid in more effective chewing, biting & speaking fluently.

iii) They also contribute to healthy gums and teeth.

  1. iv) It becomes easier to clean the teeth and maintain oral hygiene.
  2. v) The straight teeth are less prone to accidental injuries.


In addition to this, orthodontic treatment reduces the risk of periodontal disease, speech issues, and the incidences of decay caused due to crowded or improperly aligned teeth.

No of days required for treatment:

The duration of the orthodontic treatment varies from person to person. It depends on the severity & complexity of the problem which a patient is suffering from, the amount of space available, the health of the teeth, gums and the bone supporting them, patient growth, the rate at which his teeth move and last and very important the patient’s cooperation and patience.


Most of the orthodontic treatments generally take 18 to 24 months to get completed. Simple and minor treatments can be finished in a shorter time compared to the adult treatments. Once the braces are put on, they can stay in place for 1-3 years & when they are removed, a person may require wearing the retainers 24X7 for the first six months and after that can be reduced to wearing them only at night while sleeping. Hence, the no. of days for the treatment is not fixed and depends on the case history of the patient.


The orthodontic treatment alternative that is least expensive are the traditional braces which are quite noticeable and cost around INR 30000. The tooth coloured and advanced technology cost between INR 50000 – INR 80000.

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