Dental Implant FAQs

Q: Is it beneficial to have a dental implant?

A: Dental implants prove to be the best solution when it comes to have a tooth replacement treatment as they look and feel like your own teeth. If you are missing a tooth then, it is suitable for you to have a dental implant. You don’t have to remove them or fix them again in your mouth as they get fixed in the jaw line as a natural tooth and provide you the comfort of having natural tooth.


Q: What is the cost involved in the full procedure of dental implant?

A: The cost of single tooth replacement by the dental implant is roughly around $3000 to $4500. The price may vary depending on the location of surgery as well as the hospital opted for the implant.


Q: Is this service (implant) gets covered under insurance?

A: The dental implants are generally not covered by dental insurance. However, it depends on your medical plan as well. It can be covered under your medical plan depending on the reason of tooth loss. Rest you can discuss with your insurance plan provider & your dental practitioner


Q: What are the risks involved in this process?

A: Although the dental implant is a very safe and effective process still with any medical treatment, there are some side effects or risks involved. The risks with the dental implants are higher for the people who are suffering from some medical condition like diabetes or those who smoke. The risks that are generally involved are accidental damage to nearby tooth root, numbness, implant failure due to insufficient jaw bone, sinus problem and infection. To avoid this, you must discuss your medical history with the dental practitioner and understand the risks involved.


Q: Is the implantation painful?

A: There may be some discomfort depending on your situation and the condition of your gums. It has been observed that people didn’t had any sort of pain and they felt better than they had expected after the treatment. Moreover, if you choose a professional and experienced dentist for the task, then you won’t be experiencing pain as they make the process as much comfortable and pain free as possible.


Q: How long will the implant last?

A: With proper oral hygiene regime and maintenance of good oral health, the dental implants have proved to last successfully for 5 year in 95% of the lower jaw and 90% of  the upper jaw. After the procedure, proper care and maintenance can help the implants last for life as well.


Q: How should I care for the implant after it has been done?

A: There is not much difference between the care of natural teeth and dental implants. You need to keep the implants clean and free from plaque by brushing and flossing.  Cleaning your implants after having meals is a must. You must avoid teeth damaging habits such as: smoking, having tobacco, caffeine, don’t chew very hard items. See your dentist at regular intervals.

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