How to treat bleeding gums ?

bleeding gums treatment

Do you often find blood while brushing your teeth?

Well, seeing blood once in a while might not be a problem as it might have been caused due to some injury while cleaning. You should visit dental clinics if you have bleeding gum issue quite often while brushing or flossing.

There can be many reasons for bleeding while brushing but in most of the cases, is caused by gum disease. So, you should never delay the treatment and visit a dentist in Delhi NCR, Noida, Vaishali at once.


Why is it necessary to treat bleeding gum?

Bleeding gum is not always painful. You should never ignore the condition as it may lead to some serious consequences later.

Though rare, in some patients, ignoring the infection has led to severe health issues, including oral cancer.

Apart from that, bleeding may also lead to the weakening of the gums, which in turn may affect the overall dental health. Last but not the least, treating bleeding gum can also help you in getting rid of bad breathe, which is often associated with this condition.

How long does it take to treat bleeding gum?

Most of the dentists suggest home remedies for the treatment of bleeding gums and the time span mostly vary depending on the extent of the condition.

In some cases, doctors may recommend prescription pills and mouthwash or floss for curing the problem. If the gum bleeding caused due to gingivitis, doctors might prescribe periodic cleaning of your gums or some orthodontic treatments.

In that case, it may take six months or more for healing the condition entirely. However, if natural remedies or home care is suggested, you may get treated within a couple of months. Make sure to follow proper oral hygiene or else the condition may relapse.

What is the cost involved in treating bleeding gums?

Irrespective of the cost involved, it is necessary to consult a doctor for the treatment of your condition. In most of the cases, patients need to pay the consultation fees of the doctor and purchase recommended floss or toothpaste along with a brush.

However, in some cases, if you need any advanced gum care treatment, you may have to spend a few extra dollars.

Do’s and Don’ts

Just getting treatment for bleeding gum is not enough. You need to follow some do’s and don’ts, for complete relief.


  • Follow complete dental hygiene
  • Brush twice a day
  • Floss regularly


  • Do not use an old toothbrush, change it at the recommended time
  • Don’t forget to rinse your mouth entirely after every meal
  • Don’t drink much caffeinated or carbonated drink


Frequently asked questions

Is bleeding gum curable?

Bleeding gum can cure if treated at an early stage. However, severe conditions might not get healed entirely and may require prolonging medication.

Is oral hygiene important even after treatment is complete?

Oral hygiene is critical at every stage. Improper oral hygiene may lead to severe complications, including gingivitis.

Is home care enough for treating bleeding gums?

Home remedies are excellent for treating bleeding gums. However, it is best to consult a dentist.

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