What is composite tooth filling?

Tooth-colored Restoration Offers Aesthetic Look to Match with Your Pearly Whites


A composite tooth filling (tooth-colored restoration) can be described as the composite resin used for repairing a damaged tooth.

When you visit a dentist  to treat your tooth cavity, He would extract the decayed area of your tooth and fill the space with restorative resin.

Tooth-colored restoration can be used to repair broken, cracked or worn down teeth which can be caused by tooth grinding, nail-biting, trauma, etc.

Treatment Description

The dentist would numb the mouth with a local anesthetic. The spoiled portion of your tooth will be extracted if required with the help of diamond burs and dental handpieces.

The dentist will run a final check to ensure that the decay has been entirely removed by probing the area and staining the same with a decay-detection agent further.

He would then clean the cavity to remove additional debris and bacteria to prepare for the restoration. The tooth-colored material would be applied in layers. Each layer will be hardened or cured using a unique light to develop the area for the next layer.

The next step is to shape the composite material, getting rid of the excess material and finally polishing the same. The last step in this process after applying the final restoration is to check your bite to ensure it is okay.

What are Benefits of Tooth-colored Restoration?

Tooth-colored restoration is not done due to aesthetic purpose only.

It has particular advantages as well.

Restoring the overall decayed tooth structure, a dentist improves bite strength, dental health, the appearance of your smile and diminishes tooth sensitivity, tooth loss.

What is the Duration of Tooth-colored Restoration Treatment?

Tooth-colored restoration takes around one hour to complete which is far less time than most other kinds of dental treatment.

What will be the cost of Tooth-colored Restoration Treatment ?

The charges for tooth-colored restoration starts at Rs. 900 and can go uptoRs. 3000 or more depending on the requirement in the Dental Clinics in Delhi NCR

What are the Precautions needs to be taken after Tooth-colored Restoration?

There are certain precautions to be taken after tooth-colored restoration. These are:

• Avoid chewing hard food items on using the filled teeth, and the remaining tooth structure and resin material can break when administered extreme forces.

•Avoid chewing when the numbness is still there. This precaution is especially for children since they are susceptible chew on their cheek or tongue during this period.

• Sensitivity is a common thing after a dental restoration. It can last up to several weeks. If you find your bite is not balanced, you must visit your dentist.

• To ensure long-term stability of the restoration filling, you must brush properly, floss and do cleanings after every six months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the filling last?

With proper dental care, it can last up to 10-12 years.

What are the alternative options?

Amalgam filling, crown.

Is it better for dental wellness?

It is utterly reliable since it does not contain any toxic material.

Why choose tooth-colored composites over other metal options?

Choose tooth-colored composites over metal options because they offer more natural aesthetic. Nobody can                  see  that  you have had a filling unless he or she has a close view.

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