What is Intra-oral cameras?

Everything you need to know about Intra-oral cameras and digital photography

We are all aware of the importance of oral health and how we need to achieve it. However, we may have to visit a dentist and diagnose the problem whenever required.

Earlier, a dentist would make use of a mirror or x-ray to catch a glimpse of the problem. That, however, showed only one side of the issue.

Today, with advanced technology and latest tools available on the market, a dentist in Delhi NCR, Noida, Vaishali can share what exactly he/she sees, with the patients.

Today, several dental clinics in Delhi NCR use intra-oral cameras and digital photography to show real-time videos to their patients.

An intra-oral camera is a high definition camera at the end of a pen. These intra-oral cameras although extremely small in size, can produce pictures that can be magnified up to 100 times.

The pen is lightweight and comprises a LED light and other buttons that allow a dentist to adjust the direction and focus. The dentist usually moves the camera around the patient’s mouth to quickly locate any cavity, plaque, inflamed gums and cracked teeth and take high definition images.

These images are shared immediately with the patient. After use, the dentist disposes merely of the protective sheath.

What are the Benefits of Intra-oral cameras?

1. Better detection of oral health problems
2. Improves accuracy of the recommended treatment
3. Better documentation for future use
4. Can be used for insurance claims
5. Enhances a dentist’s credibility
6. Helps better understanding between doctor and patient

Do these questions come to your mind often?

Although a dentist in Delhi NCR, Noida, Vaishali makes use of an intra-oral camera to get a better idea about the patient’s oral health, several questions may still bother a patient. Have a look at the frequently asked queries.

What is an intraoral camera?

It is a handheld electronic device that is used by dentists to see every surface of the patient’s mouth.

How does an intraoral camera work?

It is shaped like a toothbrush having a lens at the tip of it. The cameras are available in several varieties having features such as clarity, pixels including zoom. These cameras are specially made to fit the oral cavity and cannot be used on other body parts.

The electronic device is attached to a monitoring system that displays and records the feed from the camera.

Is the intra-oral camera safe?

Yes! Intra-oral cameras are made especially for dental purposes. They are designed keeping in mind the patient’s safety and comfort. Unless misused, intra-oral cameras are unlikely to cause any safety-related issues.

Many dental clinics in Delhi NCR make use of this advanced tool to have a better insight of a patient’s dental health. However, make sure that you understand the history of the clinic and its dentists before getting any oral treatment done. Also, the cost of a particular treatment may vary depending on the experience of the dentist and location of the clinic. Do consider all the factors as mentioned earlier and make an informed decision.

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