What is Teeth Cleaning And Polishing?

teeth cleaning polishing

Teeth Cleaning And Polishing Using The Latest Equipment

Do you hesitate to smile in public and shy away from people in parties or gathering? Is it the yellowish tint on your teeth or black marks in the middle of two teeth that are holding you back from interacting freely? Well, do not let the color of your teeth dampen your self-esteem. Get your teeth cleaned and polished by some any reputed dentist in Delhi NCR, Noida, Vaishali using the latest equipment.  Teeth cleaning and polishing is an entirely painless procedure and can be easily performed on anyone. For the best results, it is better to look for the reputed dental clinics in Delhi NCR, who use the latest equipment.

Why should you get teeth cleaning and polishing with the latest equipment?

Dentists, who use latest techniques and equipment, may charge a bit extra than the ones following old measures, yet it is worth the money. There are several benefits of opting for cleaning and polishing using latest techniques. Some of the key benefits are listed below:

  • Time-saving is one of the significant benefits of using the most recent technologies, as these require lesser time for cleaning.
  • Latest equipment is designed in such a way that every corner of your teeth is cleaned entirely, which means a much better result.
  • Less pain or discomfort while cleaning teeth or polishing it
  • Brighter shine
  • Reduces the risk of infection from bacteria deposition and ensuring better dental health.

How long does it take to polish and clean teeth?

Tooth polishing and cleaning complete in a single sitting. However, you need to visit the dentist once for consultation and cleaning appointment. The cleaning and polishing wraps up within a couple of hours time span. In some cases, dentists may need a little extra time.

What is the cost involved?

The cost of cleaning and polishing teeth is not very high in Delhi. The entire procedure is expected to complete at a mere price of 2000-3000 INR. However, to know the actual cost, you need to consult a dentist and get your teeth examined. Some clinics offer discounts and promotions on teeth polishing and cleaning. You can shop for them and save some money.

What to do and avoid?

Teeth polishing and cleaning is a simple procedure. It is better to follow some do’s and don’ts:


Eat cold food

Brush teeth properly

Floss your teeth twice a day

Follow healthy oral habits


Avoid eating foods that can cause a stain

Don’t make it too white, go natural

Some Commonly asked questions

How much pain is caused during teeth polishing?

Teeth polishing do not cause any pain. You may face some discomfort as you need to keep your mouth open constantly throughout the cleaning process.

Does it bleed while cleaning?

Bleeding is not associated with this treatment. However, in some cases, patients may get a few scratches on their gums while cleaning.

Is it necessary to polish teeth every year?

No, it is never a necessity to clean and polish teeth at regular intervals. Go for it, only when required.

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