Benefits of Dental Implants


A dental implant allows a dentist to directly mount replacement teeth into a titanium post, surgically positioned into the jawbone, beneath the gum line. Dental Implants don’t come loose, unlike dentures. On the contrary, they provide numerous benefits.


Here are some of the Dental Implants Benefits:


1. Dental implants function like a natural tooth:

Dental Implants are strong and stable and are almost like restoring a lost tooth. An experienced dentist can implant a tooth in a way that it not only feels and looks like a natural tooth but also functions like one.

2. Dental implants are built to last:

Dental implants are the most cost-effective solution in the long run. Though they need periodic adjustments, they do last a lifetime if properly implanted and cared for.

3. Dental implants prevent osteoporosis and protect your healthy bone:

Osteoporosis equally affects both men and women. The first place to detect osteoporosis is the jaw. The more teeth you have, the better you can chew, and the stronger the jaw bones will be. After losing one or more teeth, if you leave the empty space, it can create many health issues. The jaw bone loses its firmness and strength. This is where dental implants help. They help restore the natural bone and stimulate natural bone strength.

4. Dental implants retain your natural face shape and smile:

A face without teeth loses its natural shape. Dental implants help you look the same attractive self by maintaining the natural shape of your face and smile.

5. Dental implants free you from Cavities:

With Dental Implants, you can be assured of not suffering from cavities anymore. However, you would need to clean and care for it like a natural tooth and would need to visit your dentist as per a set schedule.

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